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پرشیا خواننده رپ از سن حوزه، شمال کالیفرنیا به تازگی آلبومی به نام " آمریکن می " را روانه بازار کرده است. پرشیا اجراهای متعددی تا به امروز در سراسر کالیفورنیا داشته است و برای خود طرفدارانی مخصوصاً در شمال کالیفورنیا بدست آورده است. بسیاری از هنرمندان در شمال کالیفرنیا او را خواننده ای با آینده ای روشن میبینند در هیپ هاپ بی آریا. دو تک آهنگ وی هم اکنون به صورت اختصاصی در فارسی هیپ هاپ برای دانلود قرار داده شده است و شما میتوانید به سایت پرشیا سری بزنید و این خواننده هیپ هاپ ایرانی را حمایت کنید. آلبوم آمریکن می هم اکنون برای فروش در سایت پرشیا موجود میباشد.

SAN JOSE, CA South Bay Artist, Persia of the femcee duo The Mamaz featuring the skilled Oakland representative Aima the Dreamer released her debut album "American Me" on April 1st, 2012. Persia has performed all over California, and has gained a strong following in various parts of the Bay Area. Many artists in the Bay Area see her as one of the key people that layed down the foundation for Southbay's Hip Hop scene. From throwing shows to working at various labels, she has paid her "dues" and this album is a celebration of her long journey. Bottom line, she is an exceptional lyricist and if you are a true fan of Hip Hop, you should definitely give her your ear.

The album's title "American Me" references many aspects of her life growing up as a young middle eastern girl in America facing culture shock and discrimination while the rest of the project emerges as more of a reflection of gritty, head nodding Hip Hop. The album is received as classically structured Hip Hop with multiple hits. Whether it's on the scolding hot single "How You Want It", or the beautifully orchestrated track"Good Life," with the talented songstress Dria Thornton. Persia delivers 100% quality on every track.

Check out Persia's Website for more info & Support her album.

MC Saretan Interview With Radio Melody

Friday, 02 September 2011 12:33 Published in Radio Melody

مصاحبه اخیر ام سی سرطان با رادیو ملودی که درباره خیلی از مسائل از جمله حاشیه های پیش آمده پیرامون آلبوم اخیر خود در تلاطم ، ابلیس, عرفان, مشکلات با دیو و گروه جادوگران و نظر او درباره شش و هشت و خیلی مسایل دیگر. جتماً گوش کنید.


MC Saretan

(Radio Melody - 12MB)

Salome Ankabut ( Spider ) Music Video

Monday, 29 August 2011 23:41 Published in Music Video

Check out Salome's New Music " Ankabut " on FarsiHipHop.com

Music Video ( HQ - 34MB )

Music Video ( NQ - 10MB )



Nimosh Freestyles Sheypur

Tuesday, 16 November 2010 23:50 Published in FHH

Nimosh Freestyles Sheypur | FHH MC's

The first song that plays on the video is " Pas Boddo (Feat. Nimosh) - Suchmeh " and when the MC starts Nimosh freestyles his verse on " Sheypur (Feat. Nimosh) - Hakem ".

AZ Filmz & Snoop Dogg

Sunday, 22 August 2010 05:23 Published in World Rap & HipHop
AZ Filmz & Snoop Dogg
Ali Zamani is an Iranian Music Video Director who has worked with many Iranian American artists since the start of AZ Films back in 2006. Ali Zamani & his Brother Zeus Zamani both had different vision for Iranian Hip-Hop scene which lead them to direct such hit music video's like Aroosake Man, Chalim 1, Chalim 2 & Hamhameh for Raplarzeh and also Khatteh Man, Jaddeh & Sad Ghasam for Erfan, and now they are entering in a new era for Iranian Directors as they have started to work with known hip-hop names such as Marques Houston, Twista, Mac Shawn, Butch Cassidy, MC Magic and many more . Ali & Zeus Zamani recently teamed up with Snoop Dogg to shoot his new music video. FFH Staff wishes luck for these 2 brothers and hope to see their names behind many more hip-hop music videos.

Pohectic Life Records Presents
After 7 months of going back and forth from one studio to another, Prynce P's summer hit "My Gift N Curse" is finally available on iTunes. This song features legendry rapper SPICE 1 from Oakland, CA who sold over 3 GOLD albums and has hit songs with 2PAC, WU Tang CLAN, MC Eiht, E-40 and many more platinum rappers, along with the smooth voice of J SABIN.

This song is truly a HIT and many radio stations have already shown interest to air this single. Prynce promises that "Your cd players will melt after hearing this track and the song will make you wanna play it over and over and over again and get you hooked with each line from the song." We know that a lot of you are tired of that pop rap that you hear these days on the radio so Prynce wanted to give you that old California, something to ride to vibe.


You can now purchase this single on iTunes and all major digital distribution sites.

Info on the song
Title: My Gift N Curse
Featuring Artists: SPICE 1, J SABIN & PRYNCE P
Produced by: Latti of Dino Mob Records
Mixed by: Hal Fitzgerals at Maximedia Studios
Mastered by: Brian “Big Bass” Gardner at Bernie Grundman Mastering Studios