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علی مجیک ام جی در حال ساخت ترک های از آلبوم کوتاه امیر علی ای۲ به نام گمشده ای در قصه که بک ترک از این آلبوم به نام مانیا ‍منتشر شد و خود آلبوم به دلیل یه سری از دلایل شخصی امیرعلی نیمه کاره موند و شما ترک هایی از این آلبوم رو در این ویدیو مشاهده میکنین . این آلبوم میتونست اتفاق های بزرگی در عرصه هیپ هاپ فارسی به جا بزاره که متاسفانه لغو شد.

This is Ali MaGic MG workin in the studio on some of the songs of A2's album: Lost in the narrative EP. The EP was about to be released august 2012 but due to some personal reasons, Amirali aka A2 canceled the project and stepped out of the spotlight for good. This is a reminder of what could have happened with the talents of one of the biggest duos of Persian underground hip hop.

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GAP GAP Episode 8

Wednesday, 29 September 2010 02:49 Published in GAP GAP

GAP GAP Episode 8 By Sahand Quazi | RadioJavan.com
In this episode of Gap Gap, Sahand Quazi talks about different views on Iranians who rap in English, the difference between images of curse words in Persian rap songs & foreign rap songs, Erfan's Recent Album Hamishegi, TV Channels such as "PMC" boycotting Iranian hip hop videos recently, the importance of unity between rappers & hip-hop community, and also answering your e-mails regards to Iranian hip-hop. Don't forget to email Sahand Quazi via This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Zedbazi's Alireza JJ Is Back In The Studio

Monday, 27 September 2010 02:32 Published in Persian Rap & HipHop

Zedbazi's Alireza JJ is back in studio

Although ZedBazi is not releasing anymore songs for the moment, AliReza JJ is back in the studio Producing for other artists, He is currently working on Songs with TANBE10, A2, and Behzad Leito Paydar. He told us these songs are not yet Finalized but ZedBaziBand.com will keep you posted on the story and the release dates.

Source: zedbaziband.com

GAP GAP Episode 5

Tuesday, 20 July 2010 22:24 Published in GAP GAP

GAP GAP Episode 5 (By Sahand Quazi) RadioJavan.com
In the 5th episode of Gap Gap, Sahand Quazi talks about how he feels about Micheal Jackson, new Hossein Tohi diss Song by Tanbe10Satrap, and rumors about Hossein Tohi. He also answers fan emails about himself, Raplarzeh, Suge Knight and more. Also don't forget the Question of this episode.