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20 Jul

GAP GAP Episode 5

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GAP GAP Episode 5 (By Sahand Quazi) RadioJavan.com
In the 5th episode of Gap Gap, Sahand Quazi talks about how he feels about Micheal Jackson, new Hossein Tohi diss Song by Tanbe10Satrap, and rumors about Hossein Tohi. He also answers fan emails about himself, Raplarzeh, Suge Knight and more. Also don't forget the Question of this episode.

Listen to GAP GAP episode 5 on Radio Javan or download it (use the bottons at the botoom of the page)


  1. Intori - Amir A2
  2. Ye Kari Kon Raghsemoon Biyad (Feat. Sasy Mankan) - Mobin
  3. Boddo Donbaale Bazit (Feat. Satrap) - TANBE10
  4. Khooneye Madarbozorge (Feat. Sia-Vash) - Sina Taham
  5. To Ajibi - Mehrab & Meraj

To contact Gap Gap with feedback and comments, you can email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it you can also check out Sahand Quazi on Facebook.

Listen to GAP GAP (By Sahand Quazi) on RadioJavan.com
Download GAP GAP (By Sahand Quazi) RadioJavan.com

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