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27 Feb

GAP GAP Episode 11

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GAP GAP 11 by Sahand Quazi | RadioJavan.com

In the latest episode of GAP GAP, Sahand Quazi talks about newly released Persian rap songs, culture of criticism in Iranian rap, created situation in Persian rap because of differences of views between Persian Rappers inside & outside of Iran, and also diss songs recently released between rappers inside & outside of Iran.

He also talks about Reza Pishro's latest songs & conversion as well as answering GAP GAP listeners questions regards to current hip hop issues, originality in Persian rap, etc.

Don't forget to email Sahand Quazi via This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Track List:
1) Pikow Band - Maa 4 Taa
2) Sadegh Ft Hossein - Sangin
3) Mohkan - Ghorbat
4) Hamid Big Boy - Bye Rap Maybe
5) Shayea - Parvardegare Ghalam
6) Reza Pishro - Pishro Omad Pashin
7) Arsham Ft Kaboos - Khafe Shoo

And finally check out a special behind the scenes video of the recording of this show on Youtube.


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